Inside the House ministry opportunities

Ways to bless through the church

Each department of the church is an opportunity to serve the Lord in ministry.  Every department of the church is an opportunity to reach those who at this time can give nothing back.  Below are some department where you can invest and opportunities that you can investigate to find out more of how to serve.

Youth Ministry

Our 5-Deep team for youth are leading our effort to make youth ministry relative to the needs of our kids.  Charle and Jennifer Rinesmith are our point people.  This is a couple who are givers of themselves and lovers of students.  To know them is to to know that not only do they care, but they are committed to taking our teens to a higher place in their walk with Jesus.  Contact Charle or Jennifer to serve with the 5 deep team.

Children's ministry

Our 5-Deep team for Children are leading our effort in 3 aspects of children's ministry:  Sunday Kids Church, Nursery, and Kids Time on Wednesday nights.  Contact Pastor Aaron to get involved as we make these ministries impactful for not just our church but for this community.

Sound and AV

C J Rinesmith leads the team of those committed to using MAC based software to assist in our Sunday worship experience.  Our sound team consists of Cindy King, and Darla Tracy.  There is always room for you if you'd like to learn how to be a blessing in either of these ministries.

New Beginnings

Our mission is to love like Jesus.  As part of accomplishing that mission we are creating '5 Deep' ministry teams.  These teams have a goal of being gift driven instead of need driven, creating a culture that will not end when a primary leader is no longer participating.

The five deep method will consist of a primary teacher, a primary leader for follow up, a primary leader for 'family building' activities, a primary leader for ministry outreach and a primary apprentice.  This should give everyone a role and ownership of a ministry without feeling like its all based upon the ability of any one personality.

5 deep is proving successful already in our targeted ministries.  You can and should get involved.  Contact this point people to know more:

Pastor Aaron:  Mens ministry

Sarah Peternel

Susan Arwine:  Womens ministry

Charle Rinesmith

Jenn Rinesmith: Youth ministry