Our Story

Jesus never intended church to be complicated.  He also never intended that religious rules and law keeping would be the standard of His church.  As Jesus taught and interacted with people, He came and did so on the basis of grace, meeting them where they were, and always offering something better.  We desire to follow His pattern, and under the leadership of our pastor,  Aaron Peternel, we will build His kingdom by following His example: loving like Jesus

What We Believe

We are a Free Methodist church. This is a church which began as a break off of the Methodist Episcopal church in the late 1860's. Our movement began for four important reasons as they pertain to today:

1. We believed in interpreting Scripture as the authors intended.

2. We believe in freedom of worship. 

3. We believe in the value of life.

4. We believe everyone is worth the Gospel, especially those who, at this time, can give nothing back.  

Our Mission

To define what 'Love Like Jesus' looks like, we choose the following 5 directives:

To be worshippers (inside and out). (Worship)

To learn to live Biblically.                       (Discipleship)

To be the Gospel in action.                    (Evangelism)

To build a community without biases    (Fellowship)

To work together, elevating others.    (Ministry)

Connect With ROBFMC

Church can be an intimidating place to visit — especially if you don’t know what to expect. We invite you to experience what the gospel means both intellectually and relationally. You can engage with others as much as you want, when and how you want. We hope that through visiting with us, you will experience the hope, love, and joy that comes from a community of people who love like Jesus.

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