Our Staff

Church Ministry Leadership

The staff and leadership here at Robinson Free Methodist are comprised of men and women who love, care, and pray for the church and for you. If you have any questions for our staff, feel free to reach out, email them, drop a note here or call our church office to leave a message. You are important, loved, and valued, so we want to hear from you. Please reach out to share life, your thoughts and your needs with us.

  • Lead Pastor:  Aaron Peternel (seen with wife Sarah)

    Aaron and Sarah Peternel came to us from Pittsburgh, PA in August of 2016. PA (as we call him) is our primary teacher and vision caster. This man lives to disciple. He often tells the church that his goal is for them to leave remarking, "I never thought of it like that before."

    He is an avid football Fan, and will always bleed the 'Black and Gold' of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You'll find Sarah has a very artistic side that shows up when she decorates. She's a country girl from Kentucky who loves the fact that she can say 'Onry' again. This is a very musical family who enjoys singing together. PA and Sarah have been married 21 years and have 3 children (Kayla, Dylan and Jordan). Visit his blog at pausewithpastoraaron

    Contact: papeternel@gmail.com

  • Church Secretary: Jamie Lowe

    Jamie has been in the church for several years, but in 2015 accepted the newly created role of Administrative Assistant. If you can hold it in your hand, and it came from the church, it probably has Jamie's fingerprints on it. She and her husband Richard have been married for 16 years.  They have 2 children (Zachrey and Ethan).

    Contact:  Jlrfmc@outlook.com

  • Youth Ministry Director:  Charle and Jennifer Rinesmith

    Charle and Jennifer are home grown here in Robinson. Charle serves as a prison guard for the State of Illinois and Jennifer is starting a home business. Charle is an avid movie fan who loves his comic book heroes. Jen always has a smile to go along with her gentle and caring heart. Charle and Jennifer have 3 kids (Jacob, CJ and Zoey).

    Contact: rfmcyouthdirector@yahoo.com

  • Board of Administration

    For 2020 our Board of Administration consists of our Treasurer Jamie Lowe, Trustee Rep Doug Henry, Delegate Jennifer Rinesmith, and 5 members at large (Jerry Crozier, Sheila Ducommon, Jeanette Lindsay, Chuck Myers, Ladonna Seaton).

  • Board of Trustees

    For 2020 our Board of Trustees consists of Doug Henry, Tim Lindsay, Kenny Mayhew, Charle Rinesmith Jeff Seaton, Eric Stewart.