Building a Community

What we want to do here is build a community of people who love as Christ loved them.  We can only do that if we understand that our Christian lives are about paying it forward. Thus while we come to the church that suits us, the church needs to be for more than an individuals perceived needs.  It's got to be as much about the people who need to be here as the people who presently are.  The harvest requires going out to bring it in.

We Connect via Good Communication

We have some wonderful things to take advantage of with modern technology.  Please take advantage of our prayer request form, and our leave a comment form to help us connect with you more efficiently.

We Connect By Answering the Question of What's Next:

We realize how frustrating it can be to be surprised at the last minute by something you should have known about.  We keep a current calendar, with a goal of keeping updated with all new info so that your experience may be greater. 

We Connect By Empowerment of Scripture

At the Robinson Free Methodist Church we place a high value on the Word of God.  Our goal is to get people hearing the Word at least 2x in a given week.  We understand that not everyone can make every meeting, so we have three ways that you can stay current or catch up with what God is saying through our Pastor or guest speakers. You can also listen for free the week after the sermon or download a weekly podcast.  Finally you can link to the church facebook page and watch our live broadcast of the message every Sunday starting about 10 am.