Sunday Small Groups

The Free Methodist church was founded on the principals of Christian education and mutual investment into each others lives.  We practice those principals every Sunday morning.  In each Sunday small group, we hope to raise the level of discipleship, by raising Biblical competency, building community and investing into applying what we learn as a people.  We do this from               9:30 - 10:15.  There is something for all ages.

Upcoming Sunday Small Groups

Beginning in September

Quarterly Learning

Join us Sunday at 9:30 to invest in our teaching through quarterly discipleship books.  This quarter you can discover or reacquaint yourself with God's truth expressed through Thessalonians.

This will be led by Susan Arwine and will meet outside of the kitchen.

The Book of Romans

Some of the deepest theology is found in this precious book, written by Paul to the church in Rome. Join Chuck Myers, as He leads this small group, into deeper intimacy and understanding of faith's important questions.  Will meet in the fellowship hall.   

Children's Sunday School

The church can not make spiritual goals for your children, that role belongs to the parents.  What we can do is seek to support your goals by providing the best possible community effort we can.  Every Sunday morning Julia Attaway carefully and strategically uses her experience and background to guide our kids into understanding Jesus and the Bible.  Help us help you!  Bring your children to Sunday small groups.