M.A.D. (Make a Difference) Men's Ministry

Started in the fall of 2018 (under our 5 deep leadership method) for the purpose of strengthening the role of men in the home; to be better husbands, fathers and believers.  Join our facebook page at click here

MAD men are served by Chuck Myers as the primary teacher and point person,  Mike Tracy as in reach director, as our Jeff Seaton and Rick Arwine as out reach leaders.  Dan Tracy is our apprentice leader.

The way we think:

Is that men were created by God to lead their families in faith.  We accept that role and long to be more effective in being what some would call the priest of the home.  Note that this is not the a position of great authority, but one of great service.  We chose to love our spouses by honoring them first and placing their needs about our own.  We chose to love our children by being examples of Godliness in a world often without, training them to be more like Jesus.

In our very DNA

is a desire to serve others.  We believe in the power of the Bible study, but understand and will practice a mindset that says we also need to focus on community building and will do that through loving the men here yet also  serving the need around us outside of our 4 walls.

Mission Statement

M.A.D. men exists to build a brotherhood of men who stand beside each other, and in the gap for the community around them.  

Our goal is 'better men, better husbands and better fathers."