Africa Missions 2019

Robinson Free Methodist church will be sending a small delegation to Ogembo, Kenya

to share in life with Pastor Evans Ondoso and the GPC church.  Please see the lower part of the page to know our goals and mission.  Here is a letter going out to explain this trip

Africa letter.

Goal 1

In 2017 God sent our pastor to Kenya with the blessing of the BOA to find a pastor we could partner with to expand our "Great Commission Mindset."  We believe God gave us Pastor Evans Ondoso.  We go to Kenya this year to further the relationship between churches.

Goal 2

God has given Americans a lot to offer, but we don't have the 'corner' on Jesus.  As we visit Kenya, we will partner with the local church to learn/receive as much as give.  Our desire is not to do for them, but to do with them and be a source of empowerment for the outreach of the gospel.

Goal 3

There is something that occurs when you hear your pastor share.  There is something equally powerful when you see and hear from someone you perceive is just like you.  Our final  goal for this trip is to spur excitement and build momentum for a large group to do missions with GPC in 2020-2021.

To give is to send...

Jesus made clear that the Great Commission applies to everyone who is saved.  Many of us can not make the trip (for whatever reason), but we can give financially and give of our prayer lives to make the week a success.  

By doing this you are fulfilling the Great Commission.  

The cost to go for each person is $1500.  If you would like to support us for this trip, please make a donation either at church, or use the below donation page.              

Your support is tax deductible.