Invest Weekend

Set aside Oct 7 - 9 for three days of investing into your growth in God.  Our theme is 'Encounter'.  Our reason is to help each one have a genuine encounter with God; with all conviction and transformation.  We pray that you will make this weekend a priority of your fall.

Meet the Carvers

Dan and Patti Carver hail from New Kensington PA where they  have served as the senior pastors for 30+ years.  To know Dan is to know a man with a heart that beats for God's people, especially for training them and releasing them for ministry.  So many have come to him broken and left him whole and ready for kingdom use.  Patty joins Dan as his pathway to worship.  She has led the worship teams over the years which have always been characterized by a deep immersion into God's presence.  Together they will help us encounter God.